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He has to be here somewhere…


Ruby hues glanced from side to side as heeled shoes clacked along the cement sidewalk. Unusual was the surrounding, she had at least grown used to the towering buildings and mechanical devices that were not within her own time period. Even amongst all this she had to wonder if the particular blonde she was seeking had been stowed away in this city just as she had.

Part of her found herself annoyed at the prospect. Always appearing when he is not needed, the thought gracing her mind for a split second. Locating him meant she would undoubtedly locate her beloved Master. Luck was not on her side, nor had it been due to this damned existence she had become. Fingers lifted to hold her chin in thought as she turned a corner. Now, if I was a slacker who liked to climb trees, where would I —

A large bump was all it took to cause the woman to fall down onto her bottom, dress fluttering upward as she secured herself. Rubbing her head, she could only give a glare upward at the person who had so unkindly knocked her down onto the dirty floor.


Look where you’re going next time!

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    A startled blink, knowing exactly what those calm words were implying. To think he was actually trying to put the blame...